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One of the major products made by "TOMHAL" for many years are structural components of mechanized wall housing. Mechanized wall housing is the most exposed to destructive forces of nature, located in underground mines and serves as the cover for miners and mining equipment. We specialize in components such as:

  • shield against fall of roof;
  • roof-bar;
  • sill piece;

It should be noted, that in area of used materials for parts of wall housing, there is a constant increase of using thermal mechanized fine-grained steel, where by welding relevant requirements in amount of heat input to structure element must be met.



We manufacture housing parts for all leading domestic producers of mining machinery (FAZOS S.A.; TAGOR S.A. and Glinik S.A.) and for foreign customers. It should be noted, that domestic producers of mining machinery send  40 – 50 % of their production for export. The housing parts produced by PRPUH „TOMHAL“ work including in China, Mexico, Argentina, Russia, Czech Republic etc.


We also have delivered for Czech market significant number of shields against the roof, for KARIMPEX-STROJÍRNY, s.r.o. company. Czech mines located in the Ostrava-Karvińsk industrial area, are characterized by extremely rugged conditions of mining-geological and machines working in these conditions, not only must meet the quality requirements, but have adequate fatigue strength and durability.

Przedsiębiorstwo Remontowo-Produkcyjno-Usługowo-Handlowe "TOMHAL" holding all necessary qualifications, competences and experience in welding of all types of materials used present in parts of wall housing, like:

  • carbon and low-alloy steel;
  • thermal mechanized fine-grained steel Reh > 360 N/mm2;
  • toughened steel with yield point Reh > 360 N/mm2